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F. Bedard, Hammami, R. , Zirah, S. , Rebuffat, S. , Fliss, I. , and Biron, E. , Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of the bacteriocin pediocin PA-1 and analogs thereof, 35th European Peptide Symposium. 2018.
F. Bedard, Hammami, R. , Gomaa, A. , Subirade, M. , Fliss, I. , and Biron, E. , Design and Synthesis of Lasso-Inspired Peptides with Antibacterial Activity, The 24th American Peptide Symposium. American Peptide Society, 2015.
R. Hammami, Fliss, I. , Neffati, M. , Vergoten, G. , and Ben Hamida, J. , Mise en évidence de peptides à activité antimicrobienne chez des plantes spontanées des zones arides de la Tunisie, Revue des régions arides, vol. 1. pp. 287–293, 2007.

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