BACTIBASE is an integrated open-access database designed for the characterization of bacterial antimicrobial peptides, commonly known as bacteriocins (Hammami, et al., 2007). The database provides a manually curated annotation of bacteriocin sequences which were collected from the UniProt database (Apweiler et al., 2007) and from the scientific literature using PubMed. All sequences were retrieved to SciDBMaker (Hammami, et al., 2008), validated and annotated. Various physicochemical parameters were calculated and resulted tables were then exported to MySQL server. BACTIBASE has been equipped with additional functions aimed at both casual and power users. These include incorporation of various tools for sequence analysis, such as homology search, multiple sequence alignments, Hidden Markov Models, molecular modeling and retrieval through ‘Taxonomy Browser’. For further details about BACTIBASE, readers are invited to read the following papers (Hammami, et al., 2007; 2010). The database is available at

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